Meeting Point of Sea and History, Antalya

The turquoise shores of Antalya combine ancient cities whispering tales of history, myth and legend, met on either side by side tranquil, emerald-green forests and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean. Perfect choice for a vacation surrounded by sea, sun, sand and more. Along with a cultural heritage deeply rooted in history, Antalya’s coves and highlands of unique beauty, pristine beaches, comfortable hotels and marinas, colorful entertainment venues, and art-filled festivals all make it a travel destination that offers endless possibilities to its guests. These include the pleasure of sunbathing from sunrise to sunset; the natural thrill of outdoor sports in the grip of mother nature; the excitement of discovering national parks with their rich flora and fauna, ancient cities, museums and Kaleiçi; the mystery of the mountains and the peaceful Mediterranean coves drawing you away; the romance of watching an opera outdoors under the stars at night; sampling the unique delicacies of Turkish cuisine and enjoying the party scene.

   Kaleiçi(Citadel), the old city centre of Antalya, combines the aesthetics of old and new, its charm surrounded inside and out by fortified walls. These walls, some of which have survived to this day, were built by the various civilizations that inhabited the city over a 2000 year period and there are 80 towers rising on them. Within the walls, the narrow streets that lead to the port are lined with traditional dwellings. The two or three-storey houses that face the street on one side and gardens on the other, perfectly reflect the atmosphere of old Antalya. The ancient port of Kaleiçi is now used as a modern yacht harbor. The yacht harbor and old city together make a splendid view which has inspired numerous painters, writers and poets. The ministry of Culture and Tourism was awarded the Golden Apple Tourism Oscar by FIJET(World Federation of Journalists and Travel Writers) in 1984 for the restoration project undertaken in Kaleiçi which is a protected area today.

   Hadrian’s Gate , is one of the best-preserved historic structures in Antalya, the gate was built in 130 AD in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. As the city walls eventually enclosed the other part of the gate, the entrance was left unused for many years, which is why it remains erect. There are three round arched openings for entry in the two storey structure. On either side of the gate stand two towers. The southern Julia Sancta Tower was built of plain, block stones during the reign of Hadrian.

   Yivli Minaret Complex, located in the Kalekapısı Neighborhood, this complex contains the structures, such as the Yivli(Grooved) Minaret, Yivli Minaret Mosque, the Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev Madrasah, the tomb of Nigar Hatun, Zincirkıran Tomb, Mevlevihane(lodge used by Mevlevi dervishes) and a madrasah, which date to Seljuk Period.

   Termessos Ancient City, the ancient city was built on a steep hillside clad with pine forest, which has helped it reach the present day intact and well-preserved, and become an discoverer attraction. The ruins extend to the summit of Güllük Mountain. The principal structures are the agora, temples, theatre, cisterns, necropolis, column lined Street, bouleuterion(council assembly hall) and the gymnasium. The most remarkable structure is the theatre, with a capacity of 4200 spectators, provides a beautiful vista. The national park covering a large forested area is an important eco-tourism centre in the region with its clean air, and rich flora and fauna.